Recent News

Presentation Day Awards

It was delightful to see so many faces at our Presentation Day on Tuesday and a pleasure to see so many students rewarded for exhibiting their EMUS and aiming high.  Click here for a recap of the award recipients.  -Photo Gallery-

Class Splits

You should have received your child’s teacher and classroom details earlier in the week. Yesterday students spent some time with the classroom teacher they will be working with in 2019. This went very well and the students were very excited to have this opportunity.

Volunteers Morning Tea

We held our annual volunteers Morning Tea last Thursday to thank everyone who has volunteered throughout the school during 2018.

School Uniforms

The School Uniform shop will be open next year before school goes back on Thursday, 30 January and Friday, 1 February from 10am-12pm for all your new year needs.    Uniform Order Book

Canteen Roster

A big thank you to the volunteers that have offered their services in the canteen for 2019! Click here for the roster.

Christmas in Wagin

A great way to celebrate the end of the school year is the Street Carnival. This will be held on Friday, 14 December on Tavistock Street starting at 5.30pm.

EMUS Awards

The EMUS card count for this year was ENGAGED  - 6176, MANNERS - 2995, UNDERSTANDING - 2678, STRIVE - 3474.  Making a total of 15323 EMUS cards awarded this year.

School Development Days 2019

School Development Days 2019 as selected by staff and endorsed by School Council are:

Merry Christmas

Wishing all of our WDHS families a very happy Christmas as well as a safe and enjoyable holiday.  See you all back at school on Monday, 4 February where we look forward to a splendiferous 2019!