Staff & Structure

2020 is here and is going to be stupendous! The entire Wagin DHS staff are looking forward to providing an empowering learning environment to support your child’s life-long learning journey. Keep reading for staffing and class structure.

We welcome a few new staff members this year.
Miss Shelby Upson has joined the Early Childhood team in the Year 1/2 room. As a graduate teacher her energy and enthusiasm has already been warmly embraced.
Mr Mark Traynor is an experienced Maths teacher who is joining us for the first half of this term while we run a process for a long term Maths/Phys Ed teacher. Mr Traynor is travelling around Australia so we are happy for him to impart his expertise whilst here.
Mr Sam Morgan is joining us from Thursday, 6 February and will be supporting in Science and Phys Ed for Term 1.


Our class structures for 2020 are:

Kindy with Mrs Little

Pre-Primary with Mrs Spooner

Year 1 with Ms Child

Year 1/2 with Miss Upson

Year 2/3 with Ms Bennett

Year 3/4 with Mrs Pangler

Year 4 with Mrs Gannaway & Mrs Pederick

Year 5/6 with Miss Smith

Year 5/6 with Mrs Ward & Mrs Kellow

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9/10

Secondary staff include Ms Bickers, Mrs King, Mrs Pieterse, Miss van Leeuwen, Mr Parker, Mr Traynor and Mr Morgan.


Our awesome classroom and student support staff include:

Education Assistants: Mrs Montgomery, Mrs Quinn, Mrs Diver, Mrs Hancock, Mrs Hall, Mrs Reed, Mrs Eckersley and Mrs Johnson

AIEO: Emmaline Winmar continues this year as AIEO. At this stage she is in 2 days per week, Monday and Wednesday. Families will be notified via letter next Monday of the new arrangements and how that may affect their children.

Chaplain: Jill Pilkington will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.