Book Fair

Book Fair is back but looking a little different due to COVID-19. It will be held in Week 8 and 9 with all sales being driven predominantly online. 

Book Fair is a valuable event as it not only provides students access to books, but it also raises money that is then distributed back into the Library. Book Fair will therefore still run this year. The Library will be open each lunch time from Monday, 15 June, through to Wednesday, 24 June, for the purposes of book selection.

As you are aware, the school has had to alter a number of usual arrangements this term due to COVID 19. Whilst restrictions have eased, parents will not be able to enter the Library to select books with their child.

Students will be able to browse books during lunch and library class times and fill out their wish lists to communicate with you. While we are still accepting cash, we encourage parents to fill out the online payment form on the back of the wish list, record the receipt number and have their child return the slip to the Library. Once received, your child will be given his/her purchased books to take home.

Please feel free to contact Julie on 9861 3200 if you have any queries.