Author from WDHS

Last weekend, the Class of '74 held a reunion in Perth. Two of our current staff members, Mrs Hall and relief EA Mrs Stott, attended.  One of the ex-students is now an author and has graciously donated a series she has written.

D.J. Stutley is the author of the popular and critically acclained "Operation' series of Young Adult Crime Fiction Thrillers. Her parents, Paul and Donna Anderson, emigrated from the US to Australia in 1964 with their 4 children when D.J. was 5 years old.
D.J. attended Wagin DHS from year 1-6 before moving to Port Hedland where she attended years 7 and 8 before returning to Wagin for years 9 and 10. She claims that she had the best childhood and Wagin will always hold a special place in her heart. it was, after all, the place she learnt to read and write!
She wrote her first 'book' while attending Wagin DHS - it was two whole exercise books long and was never finished. Her first 'real' book came out in 2001 and was quickly followed with books 2 and 3. In 2009, those books were reprinted and book 4 added.  Since then, she has written another 4 books.