Open Classrooms

Thoughts from Kindy - Year 2 students
Isabelle - I loved Mum and Dad coming in.  Dad hasn't come in before.
Lizzy - I liked showing my Three Bears work.  I did a good job on it and I showed my whole family.
Rohan - I liked showing my mum and dad the pictures that I have been doing.
Christina - I liked showing Mum my work and getting to eat hotdogs.
Evan - I loved showing Mum and Dad the work we have done on weather during Science.
Sophie - I enjoyed showing Mum and Dad the robots we made out of different shapes.
Ariah - When we came to school at night I loved coming into the class and then walking in the rain, it rained lots.
Jagger - I loved looking at all the artwork in the Brenda O'Neill room, it was amazing.
Imogen - I liked the games, the food and I loved that my whole family got to come into my classroom and look at my work, it was so much fun.

Year 2
The Year 2 students from Room 15 loved having their parents, siblings and grandparents visit their classroom. Their favourite thing to share was the huge handmade rainbow they made after Mrs Moffatt died, which has a 'We will be okay' message to remind them that although we are sad now, together, we will be okay. Other favourite things to show was the progress in writing since the beginning of the year and all of the great work in their files. 

Year 3/4
Despite being a really tough week for our classrooms, it was so lovely to see all the families come in to share the wonderful work the students have been working on this semester. All of the children completed a Learning Journey template that outlined five special activities that they wanted to share with their families. They also shared all of their workbooks, file work and special work samples on display around the classroom. They even shared special videos of their Indonesian projects - Mystery Pet and Puppet Shows - which demonstrated the improvements they have made with their pronunciation skills. 

Year 5/6
In both Year 5/6 classes, students were given the opportunity to select three pieces of work they were most proud of. There were book reviews, posters, pieces of art and a huge range of narrative stories on show.  There were also Arcade Games in the wet area that the students had made themselves.  They were a huge success raising $104 for Year 6 Camp!  

Over the course of this Term the students partaking in 2D Art at Wagin District High School have been hard at work developing stunning and intricate Murals to display around their school. The overall theme of the works was Humans and Nature.  The theme was left purposefully broad so that students could express their own interpretation of the theme and their own relationship with nature.

Students worked in groups of five to brainstorm, design and execute their work. This enabled the students to exercise their teamwork and leadership skills in order to produce the highest quality of work possible.

At the end of the term, the students still have some more work to do on their murals. However, the final products will be well worth the effort.

Space Whale:  E-Rua, Tyson, Ethan and Jared

Spider Worlds:  Billie, Chloe, Kalan and Adia

Farmer Jeff on Mars:  Caris, Narridy, Teegan, Ryan and Layta

Dragons of Day and Night:  Zoe, Trinity, Ebony and Clare