Parents are requested to send their children to school in uniform. Our dress code has been developed with input from parents, students and staff.


The wearing of a uniform assists in the development of children's pride in their school, gives them a sense of belonging and adds to the tone of the school. It should be worn at all times.


The school would appreciate parental encouragement of our dress code and asks that parents closely supervise their children's standard of appearance.


When students participate in sport or physical education they are able to wear a faction coloured shirt with navy skirt or shorts. Faction shirts are required for both our athletics and swimming carnivals.


School uniforms are available for purchase through the school Uniform Shop. This service, run by our school P & C, will be available on Friday from 8.30am – 10.00am.


Should parents/students not be able to attend in person, orders can be given to the front office in an envelope containing the order form and either correct cash or proof of EFT payment. Once completed the order will be bagged and given to relevant students.


Please refer to the School’s Dress Code for further details


Thank you



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Uniform Policy