Learning at Home

The Education Department is currently working to provide online access to resources for parents, caregivers and students.  This will be through the Learning at home website which provides learning resources by year level.  Resources will continue to be added over the coming weeks.

Primary - Learning at Home
Secondary - Learning at Home

Holiday Activities
Stay Active at Home
At Home Activities

Some other free online education resources are:

Khan Academy: https://www.khanacademy.org
BBC Learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learning/coursesearch
Futurelearn: https://www.futurelearn.com
Openlearn: https://www.open.edu/openlearn
Blockly: https://blockly.games
Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/explore/projects/games
Ted Ed: https://ed.ted.com
National Geographic Kids: https://www.natgeokids.com/uk
Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com
Mystery Science: https://mysteryscience.com
Prodigy Maths: https://www.prodigygame.com
Oxford Owl for Home: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home
Geography Games: https://world-geography-games.com/world.html
Red Ted Art: https://www.redtedart.com
The Imagination Tree: https://theimaginationtree.com
Twinkl: https://www.twinkl.co.uk

You can also access the various websites that we use at school via Links for Kids.  If you don't already have them, your child's teacher can supply you with their login details for the websites that they have access to.